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Download CAPS Block WordPress Plugin nulled download

Just after spammers, Internet trolls are the most obnoxious and annoying beings in forums, boards and—yes, your weblog. They type with Caps Lock on or just alternate between lowercase and uppercase.

They leave a bad impression in your blog, annoy your visitors and usually break the discussion. If there’s Akismet for spammers, why wouldn’t there be a filter for Internet trolls?

Block lets you find those comments and leave them pending for approval, all without bothering you, and leaving your blog clean.

Block features:
Set the maximum uppercase/total alphabet characters proportion to be tolerated.
Apply, or not, the filter in the author’s name field, as well as it’s tolerable proportion.
Save the comment and leave it pending for approval or just throw an error.
Toggle on or off the filter for your registered users.

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